Body Beast

So after talking to my husband and doing a week of Hard Labor together, I have decided I’m going to start Body Beast on Monday September 11. My husband will be joining me which is exciting because he hasn’t worked out in over 6 years! He’s been wanting to lose weight for forever and he likes the setup and rotation that body Beast does. 

I will be doing the full program along with adding in running. I have wanted to get back to running and I think now is the best time. 
I get asked a lot if body Beast is for women and my answer is YES! As women, we don’t have enough testosterone in our body to bulk up like men. Instead we are going to lean out. 

So excited for next week and what the end result of this program will be! 

We will end this program on December 3. I’m happy about going through the last 2 weeks of this program during thanksgiving. It will help to keep me focused and avoid overeating or eating lots of treats. 

Want to join me? Email me at

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