DIY Antibiotic

**Disclaimer I am not a medical professional therefore, I cannot diagnose or prescribe a remedy. You should always contact your medical provider if sick. I am simply sharing what my family does.**

With kids back in school and fall just around the corner, colds and the flu are sure to follow. 

I love essential oils. There are so many combinations that work well for numerous things. 

My husband and I will take 1 of these pills everyday if our kids bring home and kind of sickness. 

My husband has also take 1-2 pills a week as a preventive. 

So, what’s the recipe for this pill? It’s simple and all you need is

  • Any kind of carrier oil (olive oil, coconut, almond, etc)
  • Young Living Oregano essential oil
  • Young Living Thieves essential oil
  • A vegetable capsule (you can get these from young living)

All you do is place 2-3 drops oregano and 2-3 drops Thieves into the capsule.

 Then fill the remainder of the capsule with the carrier oil. 

I make these 20-30 at a time and store in a dark glass bottle in our freezer. 

I only use Young Living Essential Oils because of their purity. All other oil companies say on the bottle not to ingest and if I can’t ingest it why do I want to put it on my skin? 

Always do your research before hand. 

We use these pills if we are sick or if one of our children is sick and we aren’t we will take these to prevent getting what they got. 

Oregano and Thieves are both hot Oils so make sure to be careful making this pill and wash your hands when done. 

I do not give these to my kids. What I do for them instead is 4 oz of ningxia daily while sick and I rub Thieves on their feet in the morning and evening. I also put lavender behind their ears and I the back of their neck. 

As previously stated always check with your medical provider first and make sure to do your research!

Want to purchase these 2 Oils or signup to be a distributor? 

Go here 👉 Order Young Living Oils

If you need help ordering email me at 

I hope you found this helpful as cold and flu season are upon us. Let me know your diy remedies for cold and flu season in the comments. 

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