Day 3 Getting Loved Ones On Board

When starting a healthy lifestyle it’s always hard when there is family involved. We all get into a rhythm or comfort zone with our lifestyle which can make it hard to change ourselves, much less others.

It takes time getting others on board, as I mentioned in Day 2’s post start out with baby steps.

One change a week, like getting your family to drink more water or going on an evening walk after supper with everyone, can help make this a lifestyle for everyone. Little changes are best when you have a spouse or partner and children. Sometimes children are harder than adults.

When I started my clean eating journey back in 2009, I only had my older 2 children. They were 2 and 1 at the time which made it easier. I still had challenged though due to the fact that my daughter went back and forth between my house and her dad’s. My husband was easier to get on board because he was looking to lose weight and gain back energy.

Here are 2 tips to help with getting kids to eat clean:

Let them grocery shop with you and pick out a new veggie or fruit to try weekly.

My 2 year old, Kingston, loves picking out veggies at the store and then trying them when we get home. Let me just say too that, just because we eat clean in my home doesn’t mean I don’t have picky eaters. I think every toddler regardless of upbringing or family life can be picky at times.

I found that with my little kids I have to put a new food on their plate several times before they will even try it. It comes down to consistency with kids. You can’t just put a new food on their plate and expect them to like it and eat it the first time.

Let them help you prepare or cook the food.

My children, even my 2 year old, like to help measure, pour, mix and cut the food. I give my toddler a butter knife and help “cut” the food. Kids are certainly more open to eating food that they helped prepare. No, it is not always fun having kids help. Its way easier and faster for mom or dad to do it but kids really do love to help if given the opportunity. Not to mention it gives them an important life skill that, I believe, is being over looked in our fast paced society.

Have fresh fruit out on the table or counter and fresh veggies cut up ready to go in the fridge.

This tip works for everyone not just kids.If the food is out in plain sight, it will more likely be eaten. If the veggies & fruits are washed, cut, and put in self serving containers they are more likely to be eaten as well. Make it as easy as possible to grab fruit and veggies for snacks and just start to cut back on buying the processed snack foods.

I hope these 3 tips help with getting kids, and adults too ; ), on board with eating cleaner.

Do you have a tip for getting others on board with clean eating? Share in the comments below.

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