Week 3 Meal Plan

This weeks meal plan was inspired from the Core De Force meal plan on the Beachbody blog.

No, I’m not doing core de force.  I’m still doing Piyo but it’s easy to find other meal plans already done and just tweak it a bit to fit my needs. It takes out a lot of stress when it comes to meal planning. 

You can find the exact meal plan along with shopping list and how to make the meals here👉 Meal Prep for the 1200-1500 calorie 

Breakfast options:

Veggie egg cups or Greek yogurt bowl with fruit with green tea and water

Morning Snack: 

Shakeology with PB and a banana made with water


Spinach & roast beef salad or Turkey and black bean burrito bowl with green tea and water 


1-2 cups Veggies and a hard boiled egg with green tea


Turkey burgers with avocado and sweet potato fries or zucchini noodles with meat sauce and Parmesan cheese with green tea and water. 

I’m going to be cutting out coffee this week to prepare for a 3 day refresh next weekend. So I’m opting for green tea instead. 

I’ve also cut my calories from 1700-1900 to 1200 – 1800. Why? you ask. I was breastfeeding but this past week my milk supply vanished. It has done this for the last 3 babies and no one knows why. So with not having to worry about that anymore I’m able to cut my calories more. 

I’ve also found my body responds well when my calories vary every day. So I like to go back and forth between 2 calorie levels. 

Another thing to note is if I still feel hungry at the end of the day I snack on veggies because you have to eat a lot in order to rack up the calories. So the likely hood of screwing up your meal plan by eating more veggies is slim to none. 

Have you meal planned for the upcoming week? If so, what’s on your meal plan? Share it below.

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