Day 1 What is Clean Eating

Clean eating is eating real food to build your leanest, healthiest and happiest self. 

-Tosca Reno

There is no way around it. If you want a leaner, healthier version of you, you have to eat cleaner, whole food. 

You can exercise yourself into space all day long but if you are eating junk, you will not get the results with your physical appearance.

Nutrition is responsible for 80% of our physical appearance. Exercise only accounts for 10%. 

The rules for clean eating:

  1. Eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours (5-6 meals a day)
  2. Eat breakfast EVERYDAY within an hour of getting up
  3. Eat lean protein and complex carbs at every meal
  4. Drink 2-3 liters of water daily
  5. Use proper portion sizes
  6. Always have clean food ready to go so you don’t reach for bad food. 
  7. Eat healthy fats daily (2-3 servings)

What clean eating is not:

  1. Eating over processed foods with white flour and sugar
  2. Eating chemically changed foods
  3. Eating artificial flavors
  4. Eating preservatives
  5. Eating saturated and trans fats
  6. Consuming sugar heavy sodas and juices
  7. Get a large take out meal
  8. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis (you should try to limit intake)
  9. Staying away from foods high in calories with no nutritional value

This may look like a lot of rules and sound complicated but I promise you it’s not if you just take it one step at a time. Which we will talk about tomorrow.

Have you tried clean eating? 

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