Clean Eating 5 Day Series

Clean eating has been a passion of mine for over 8 years now. It amazes me how much you can sculpt your body just by eating the right foods in the proper portions. 

I get asked all the time what clean eating is, how do I start, etc. So, I decided to do a 5 day series, over the next 2 weeks, explaining what clean eating is and how to get started. 

**Please keep in mind I am NOT a dietitian or doctor and any time you start a new diet you should always consult with your healthcare provider first!**

In this short series I am just going to be scratching the surface. This series isn’t meant to be a full blown course of deep understanding and how tos. However I will be mentioning resources I use along the way. 
What I will be covering over the next week:

  1. What is clean eating? The rules.
  2. First steps and Water water water
  3. Getting your loved ones on board.
  4. Meal Planning
  5. Simple and easy meal ideas to get you started. 

I want to help you feel great and happy to wake up each and every morning. 

Clean Eating isn’t just a diet. It is a lifestyle that will set you up for success in not only your health and fitness but every aspect of your life. 

Join me for my 5 day clean Eating series on Monday August 21. 

Have you tried clean eating? 

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