I’m Back! Hopefully for Good.

Life around my house has been, well, chaotic at best. We have added yet another baby to our family. That means I am a mom to 6 healthy, energetic kids. Our baby girl was born July 10th and she has been a wonderful addition, however, this momma is out of energy. I am looking forward to moving on from the baby stage, losing the weight and keeping it off, and just getting back into a routine.

My plans for the blog and social media outlets are to slowly get back into being consistent with writing and posting. It is going to be very slow at first seeing as I am out of the habit of writing but my plan is to post once weekly for now. I will be working up to posting 3 times a week but not right away.

I will be putting up weekly videos on youtube and facebook. Topics I will be discussing the rest of the year include; life as a family of 8, workouts, my weightloss journey, monthly meal plan, homeschooling, essential oils my family uses, etc. I want to be able to share anything and everything that comes to mind that I think will help or encourage others.

Since today is August 1, 2017 why not start it off right with my goals for the month?!


  • Eat clean and follow 21 day fix container system
    • I will be following the 1800-2099 cal plan
  • Start doing Piyo by Chalene Johnson on Monday August 7.
    • As of now I am only planning on completing 4 weeks of this program
  • Start and finish She Means Business by Carrie Green
  • Walk 10,000 steps a day


  • Read each night to my kids
  • Take the kids on a trip to the Zoo
  • Start homeschooling this month


  • 1 Date night out to dinner in town
  • 1 Date night at home
  • Encourage my husband daily


  • Lower grocery budget by $100 this month
  • Pay off our one credit card


  • Post weekly videos about products and my journey

I can’t even begin to say how much I am looking forward to getting back to my routines and to feel like me again.

What are your goals for August 2017? Have you gone through any major life changes this summer?


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