October Goals Update And November Goals

Since there is only a couple days left in October I wanted to share an update on my October goals and what my goals for November are.

Here were my goals for October that I completed:


  • Workout 6 days a week (I am currently going through 22 Minute Hard Corps) (I did weeks 3 through 6 and I only have weeks 7-9 to go!)
  • Read Design Your Day by Claire Diaz-Ortiz (completed)
  • Read through Galations everyday for 31 days – only did 14 days but I am happy about that because it is better than nothing at all.
  • Lose 5lbs this month- I lost 4.6lbs this month which is over 1 lb a week!


  • did 2 dates this month 1 outside the home and 1 inside the home after the kids went to bed. (completed)
  • Go through “The Art of Being a Wife That Cultivates a Fulfulling Marriage” course (completed)
  • Give 15 minutes of my undivided attention daily to Brady (completed)


  • read daily to the kids for at least 15 minutes (completed)
  • spend 15 minutes daily one on one with each child (I did this 5 days a week)
  • family vacation to Chicago (completed)


  • Post daily about clutter free challenge (completed)
  • read Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine of moneysavingmom.com (love this book and would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to start a business)
  • Plan out 7-10 additional posts for end of month (did 9 additional posts!)
  • Make & release 4 videos for my You tube channel (completed)
  • Post daily on instagram & facebook (I did on average 4 posts a week)

So overall I have done pretty good with my goals this month. The area that I nailed on the head was Blogging/Business.

Here are my goals for November:


  • Workout 6 days a week and finish 22 Minute Hard Corps
  • Start Beachbody’s new program Core De Force
  • lose 4 pounds
  • Read/ listen to the book of Phillipians
  • Read Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine & 168 Hours You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam
  • Listen to at least 4 sessions from the 2016 Homemaking Conference


  • 1 date outside the house and 1 date inside the house
  • 5 encouraging & uplifting texts a week
  • Setup a weekly meeting for household, finances, business, & dream discussion


  • Read daily to kids
  • Be intentional when instructing & disciplining
  • Be intentional with encouraging and inspiring the kids
  • Start gratitude journal & gratitude tree

Blogging/ Business

  • 4 YouTube videos uploaded to YouTube
  • Read 2 business books
    • How to Blog for Profit without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup
    • Everybody Writes by Ann Handley
  • Finish Daily Productivity Guide for Bloggers by Ruth Soukup (this is a new ecourse)
  • Post 3 days per week

I am trying to set myself up for consistency with hitting my goals so when 2017 gets here I can really focus on crushing some of my BIG goals and dreams.

How did you do on your monthly goals? What are some new goals for next month you have?






















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