20 Things About Me

I thought for today’s post it would be fun to share 20 things about me. Sometimes it is hard to understand how or why a person does what they do when you do not personally know them. I hope you enjoy getting to know me!

  1. I am only 5′ 1/2″ tall. (Yes, I am vertically challenged)
  2. I live in the country and wouldn’t have it any other way.
  3. I currently have pigs, 2 Great Pyrenees dogs, chickens, and rabbits on my homestead.
  4. I homeschool my 2 of my 4 boys and my daughter goes to public school.
  5. I love to write but have lots of room for improvement.
  6. I am a coffee lover. (at least 2 cups a day!)
  7. I am a book nerd. (I checkout on average 10 books weekly from our library just for me.)
  8. I would like to live in an RV for an entire year and travel the US.
  9. I consistently strive to grow and learn daily.
  10. One blogger I follow on a regular basis is Crystal Paine of moneysavingmom.com
  11. My favorite dessert is anything chocolate.
  12. I am an introvert by nature but I am trying to be more outgoing as my husband is an extrovert. (Opposites do attract)
  13. I am not a morning person. I need coffee and at least 30 minutes of quite before I am ready to talk to anyone in the morning.
  14. I like working out as long as I like what I am doing. I don’t like cardio but I LOVE lifting weights.
  15. Favorite movie was The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks until The Choice came out, now that is my favorite movie.
  16. I like anything that has to do with crafts. (scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, diy projects, home decor, & crocheting)
  17. Besides coffee I drink tea and water. (I do have almond milk but that is only in my smoothies)
  18. All 5 of my children were born via cesarean section. (and yes I am just fine with that)
  19. I have lost 6 babies. (yes, that number is correct and I am lucky I got to carry them as long as I did. I like to say I am mom to 5 earth born children and 6 heaven born children.)
  20. I got married when I was 22 years old.

I hope this helps you get to know me better. Thanks for stopping by today.

What are 5 things about you that people may not know?

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