Day 10 of Clutter Free Challenge


My laundry room is very small and awkward. I tend to put items back there that I do not intend on keeping but they do not ever make it out of that room. Today I am supposed to get rid of 25 items in the laundry area. I was able to find 34 items.

I found old sheets, baby clothes I no longer need, washcloths, books, kids’ gardening gloves, etc. I still amazes me how fast stuff can pile up and become a problem if I am not intentional about keeping it at bay.


Join me back here on Monday for Day 11 when I will tackle the medicine cabinet.

What did you find to get rid of from the laundry room?

I can’t say enough about this course. It is an easy and fast way to get started decluttering. Kathi breaks it down room by room and area by area each day. There are printables for each day and calendar to keep you on track. She also has short videos everyday. Check out Kickstart to Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp here. The course is only 5.99 for a limited time! The best part is there is a 100% money back guarantee. This course is perfect to go through now before the holidays.

** I do receive a percentage of the sales through my link.**

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