Day 6 of Clutter Free Challenge


Welcome back for Week 2 of the Clutter Free Challenge. It’s Day 6 and I am focusing on kitchen drawers today. Our kitchen is very small and I only have 6 drawers, so I was a little hesitant about today. I did not think I could come up with the recommended 50 items, especially since the kitchen is one of the rooms that I am intentional about keeping the clutter down.

I did, however, decided to still go through every single drawers and see what I could find to toss. I was pleasantly surprised when I came up with 47 items to toss!


Later on during the day I did find 2 more bottles and 2 more nipples to add into the toss pile. That brought my total number to 51 items!


If I have learned anything it is this; that no matter how much you have decluttered in the past there will always be more to toss. Clutter has a way of coming into our homes without us realizing it. Even those people who are intentional about keeping clutter at bay still find clutter some where in their homes. I believe it is just the way our society is. There is nothing wrong with having things but those things should not control our lives or take the place of someone.

Did you find 50 things to toss out of your kitchen drawers?

I can’t say enough about this course. It is an easy and fast way to get started decluttering. Kathi breaks it down room by room and area by area each day. There are printables for each day and calendar to keep you on track. She also has short videos everyday. Check out Kickstart to Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp here. The course is only 5.99 for a limited time! The best part is there is a 100% money back guarantee. This course is perfect to go through now before the holidays.

** I do receive a percentage of the sales through my link.**

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