3 Day Refresh by Beachbody


I went through the 3 Day Refresh by Beachbody this week and, can I just say, it was amazing. The 3 Day Refresh is an easy to follow program to give you a clean break from bad habits and back on track with clean eating. I personally like doing a refresh monthly while I am getting to my goal weight. Once I reach my goal weight I plan to do a 3 Day Refresh quarterly, except for the first quarter of the year where I plan to do the 21 Day Ultimate Reset.

The 3 Day Refresh comes with a program guide, maintenance guide, 3 packs of shakeology, 3 packs of fiber sweep, and 6 packs of vanilla fresh. Is this all you eat?  Nope, and that is why I love this program. In the program guide there is a list of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and juices that are allowed to be consumed during the 3 days. You simply pick what you want to eat when its time. There is also a list of dinner options and guilt free flavoring options. Before I jump ahead too much let me share my starting and ending stats.

Click the flyer link for more info and results with the 3 Day Refresh. 3dr_flyer_all_customers

My starting stats were:

weight – 142 lbs

waist – 31.5″

hips – 38.75″

My ending stats (as of Friday morning):

weight – 140.0 lbs

waist -30.5″

hips – 38″

So over 3 days I lost 2 pounds and 1.75 inches. The best part is I did not starve myself at all.

The program works like this:

Upon Waking you drink 8-10 oz of water

Breakfast – within 1 hour of waking you blend Shakeology (whichever flavor you chose when ordered) with 1.25 cups of water. 1 serving of fruit as well which I blended in my Shakeology.

Optional Morning Tea – at least 1 hour after breakfast 1 c of green tea or herbal tea

Mid-Morning Fiber Sweep at least 1 hour after morning tea

Lunch at least 1 hour after fiber sweep – Vanilla Fresh blended in 10 oz of water, 1 serving of fruit, 1 serving of vegetable, & 1 serving of healthy fats. ** I blended my fruit & healthy fat with my Vanilla Fresh

Afternoon snack at least 1 hour after lunch – 1 serving of vegetable & 1 serving of healthy fat

Optional Afternoon Tea at least 1 hour after snack – 1 cup unsweetened herbal caffeine-free tea

Dinner at least 1 hour after tea – Vanilla fresh blended in 10 oz of water & 1 dinner option. 1 cup of organic vegetable broth is optional as well

Optional Evening Tea at least 1 hour after dinner – 1 cup unsweetened herbal caffeine-free tea

As you can see, no there is not a lot of food that is being consumed. What i really like about this program though is that you are constantly eating or drinking something throughout the day. I am only ever hungry on the first day and I usually find that drinking water when I think I am hungry works wonders. Plus it is ONLY 3 days! I mean who can’t do 3 days?

I have gotten asked about my trips to the bathroom while doing this program and I can honestly say that I do not have any bathroom issues. If you are not used to drinking water though you will pee more often. This is not a hurry up and go #2 sort of program, if you know what I mean. Yes you may go more often depending on your body but you will not need to run to the bathroom.

Another thing to mention is I do not workout while doing the 3 day refresh. I like to let my body do what it needs to during the program. The program guide does say moderate exercise is okay but I chose to take a break for 3 days. Yoga would be a great option as it will help with the cleansing and healing process.

If you would like to try the 3 Day refresh you can go here. The 3 day Refresh you are able to chose the flavor of Shakeology you want for the 3 days. There are so many flavors: chocolate, vegan chocolate, strawberry, vegan tropical strawberry, green berry, vanilla, and the newest flavor cafe latte.

If you are interested in just Shakeology you can go here. Shakeology comes with a bottom of the bag guarantee which means you can use the entire bag and if for any reason you are unhappy with it you will get a refund.


Please feel free to email me or comment below with any questions or comments!

*I am an independent Beachbody coach.*



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