Day 3 of the Clutter Free Challenge


Today is Day 3 in the Clutter Free Challenge by Kathi Lipp. Today is focusing on the kitchen counter-tops. This is another area where I have made it a point to keep cleared off as much as possible. The reason being that our kitchen is small anyways and there is not a lot of counter-top space, so stuff just hanging out on the counter-tops makes for less space to cook.

Kathi suggests getting 25 things off your counter-tops. Below is the picture of the items I found to get off my kitchen counters.


In all I found 33 items to clear off and either throw away or put away. Most of the items I just needed to put away, however, I did throw away 5 items and I got rid of 3 items.

I am absolutely loving this course! I have learned, more than once, that clearing out the clutter is not a one time thing. It really takes being proactive to keep the clutter under control and out of my house, especially with 5 children.

Join me tomorrow for Day  4.

I can’t say enough about this course. It is an easy and fast way to get started decluttering. Kathi breaks it down room by room and area by area each day. There are printables for each day and calendar to keep you on track. She also has short videos everyday. Check out Kickstart to Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp here. The course is only 5.99 for a limited time! The best part is there is a 100% money back guarantee. This course is perfect to go through now before the holidays.

** I do receive a percentage of the sales through my link.**

Are you doing this challenge with me? If so, what did you get off of your kitchen counters?

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