Day 1 of Clutter Free 14 Day Challenge


Today is day 1 of the Clutter Free Challenge. I posted last week about this challenge and why I was going through it. This challenge was made by Kathi Lipp, whom I admire a lot. The challenge for today is to get rid of 100 pieces of paper. This is actually pretty easy for me as I tend to store a lot of paper stuff I don’t need or had intentions of using but did not. One item is either a magazine or 1 piece of paper.

The first place I looked was in my office/homeschool room and then the kitchen. I was able to get rid of 18 magazines and over 125 pieces of paper (I stopped counting after that). Items in my paper pile included used planning pages, used homeschooling pages I do not need to save, recipes I tried but didn’t like, etc. Below is a picture of my pile of paper and stack of magazines.


I plan on continuing to go through our paper piles and discarding what we don’t use or don’t want. I am going to also try to have a new rule of not hanging on to magazines older than 2 months. I always keep magazines thinking I want to reread or go though it again but then never do.  I also do not want to be printing anything new unless I am going to use it right away. I really think, for me, these 2 simple rules with help cut down immensely on the paper clutter in our house.

I have found over the years it doesn’t matter how much stuff I get rid, if I don’t have a plan to keep it from piling up again there is really no point. Paper clutter is definitely more my problem. I do not know what it is but I am constantly printing out free printables for my planner or for goal setting and don’t get me started on homeschool freebies. I have tons and tons of free homeschool printables that I have printed off with intentions of using with our boys, only to let it get filed and forgotten.

Having someone hold me accountable has also been helping. The paper clutter in our house is drastically less than it used to be but still has lots of room for improvement. This is why I always talk about any projects I am wanting to do with my husband. I get his opinion on the matter, then he helps me devise a plan and keeps me accountable.

I can’t say enough about this course. It is an easy and fast way to get started decluttering. Kathi breaks it down room by room and area by area each day. There are printables for each day and calendar to keep you on track. She also has short videos everyday. Check out Kickstart to Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp here. The course is only 5.99 for a limited time! The best part is there is a 100% money back guarantee. This course is perfect to go through now before the holidays.

** I do receive a percentage of the sales through my link.**

Join me tomorrow for Day 2 of the Clutter Free Challenge which is the bedroom.

How many items did you get rid of today?

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