My Current Morning Routine


Life is extraordinarily busy now with 5 children ages ranging from 9 years old to 4 months. I have found it crucial to get up in the morning, at least an hour and a half, before my kids do. I use these precious morning hours to get a jump start on my day and get in some me time.

No matter your season of life, whether you are a stay at home mom or your children have left the nest, a morning routine can really give you a sense of handling the day rather than the day handling you. Notice I used the word “current” in the title, that is because with every new season of life my morning routine has varied slightly. My wake up time usually changes from season to season along with the order I do things. The 4-5 things I do in my morning routine, however, don’t usually change.

When I wake up I like peace and quiet. I like to have time to think and to fully wake up (I am not one of those people who wakes up immediately happy to be awake). If I wake up to babies crying or my older children asking what’s for breakfast I am frazzled and stressed before I have even began my day, which makes me a pretty grouchy mama. As you can see, for me, my morning routine is my lifesaver.

Here is my current morning routine below, as well as how I transition into having kids awake. I hope it inspires you to create your own morning routine.

4:30 – 5 am wake up, get dressed in workout clothes, and go get coffee (I use sleep cycle app that starts going off at 4:30 am, 30 minutes before the desired time, but usually doesn’t wake me until 4:45 or 4:50 am)

5:15 am feed my 4 month old (once he starts sleeping until 7 am I will use this time to journal)

5:30 am workout 30-45 mins

6:15 am shower, dress, makeup (yes it only takes me 15 minutes to do all this!)

6:30 am breakfast and daughter up for school (I have joint custody of my daughter and take her to public school every other week)

7 am 3 older boys wake up & eat breakfast

7:30 am take daughter to school (I read to my boys and snuggle on the couch on the opposite weeks where I don’t have my daughter)

8:15 am morning chores & animals

9 am homeschool with the boys

So as you can see I make my morning routine work for ME. That’s one thing you have to keep in mind when starting to lay out your own morning routine. Don’t copy someone else’s routine and then get mad when it doesn’t work. List 3-4 things that would really help you get a jump start on your day and then create a routine from that. I find putting in my me time first thing in the morning helps me be a better mom, wife, and homemaker because I have filled my tank first while everyone else is still sleeping.

Also as a side note; make sure you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night. I found, that for me, I do best on 7-7.5 hours per night. Sleep is important if you are wanting to get up early, so make sure your sleep tank is full first.

If you are getting up with a baby several times a night I suggest making sure you are in bed at least 10-11 hours. I found this got my almost 7 hours of sleep total per night when I was getting up with my baby. No it is not the same thing as 7 uninterrupted hours of sleep but it will at least help the tank to be 1/2 to 3/4 full. Again, you have to do what works for YOU! It will take time, intention, and planning but you can do it!

Do you have a morning routine? If so what is yours? If not are you thinking of starting one?

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